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Our team of experts use specialized equipment and sampling processes to analyze tank contents and recommend the best approach for a sludge reduction program (SRP) to clean your tank.

Thermography and Topography


Thermal imaging aids in the assessment of solid and liquid volumes within a tank. Solids accumulation is evident by a temperature differential within the substrate. Our technical team has over 30 years of material assessment experience and we utilize the latest in Flir infrared camera technology to:

  • Assess solid and liquid volumes within a tank

  • Map locations of solids accumulation

  • Identify access point(s) for the safest and most cost effective outcome


After material mapping, our certified thermography technicians determine next steps for sample collection.


Tank Sampling

Depending on project needs, both discrete and composite samples may be collected and submitted for testing. Sampling may be viable through tank hatches, stuffing boxes and valve systems. TankScope uses both standard and unique sampling tools to access materials within the tank.

  • Samples are collected from identified ‘zones’ within the tank to ensure characterization of all materials.

  • Samples are date and time stamped along with unique identifiers for the tank and sampling location in relation to the topography map.

  • Provision of additional samples to Client Environmental team, upon request.


All sampling protocols are conducted with safety at the forefront. In some cases, sampling may be limited due to accessibility.

noun_Test Tube_1538986_3b80d7.png

Chemical Characterization

Samples are provided to both internal and third party laboratories to assess material characteristics applicable to processing and disposal. Testing is project specific but may include:

  • Slop oil processing needs including: volume fractions, viscosity and temperature requirements, optional blend volumes, and chemical requirements for recovery

  • Solvent requirement for enhanced solids removal

  • Properties of recoverable oil

  • Properties of recoverable water

  • Solids landfill classification


Testing of material allows for implementation of the best processing options and subsequent lower processing cost with faster turnaround times.

Why TankScope?


Cost Effective

Material characterization drives the sludge reduction program, which can be done on a live tank, driving down tank outage costs.


Budget Control

Know your volumes to accurately assess the disposal costs prior to startup.


Schedule Management

Tank outage is significantly minimized due to the SRP and enhances the overall transparency of any given tank project.



Material characterization will identify any unknown hazards or risks that must be mitigated prior to project startup.

Get your TankScope report and start saving on cleaning projects.

Scope. Plan. Save.

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