Our team is dedicated to the highest standards of safety and procedural compliance. Our first priority is protecting our employees, clients and environment.

TankScope Canada's Commitment to Safety

TankScope Canada Inc. has a strong commitment to safety. We understand that safety is critical to a successful culture within both our business and yours. At TankScope Canada Inc. we strive towards an accident free work environment by adhering to all safety protocols and ensuring that hazards are controlled prior to project start.

Our goal is to reduce safety risks associated with the processing and removal of unknown materials from containment by clearly identifying hazardous contaminants as well as quantifying the safest removal options. The more information available at project start up, the better the project can be controlled, and the safer it will be for all parties involved. 

Compliance Certifications:

Scope. Plan. Save.

TankScope Canada uses thermography, topography and live video footage of industrial tanks and ponds to scope the level and consistency of tank/pond contents. Our detailed reports provide invaluable data allowing clients to make informed decisions regarding tank and pond cleaning projects.

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